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September 5, 2023
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The Effect of Seamless Onboarding Experience on your Bottom Line


Bharat Jain - Tenneo

Sayan Guha

For every organization, the journey from employee recruitment to productivity is a narrative that shapes engagement, innovation, and business growth. HR leaders hold the key to this transformation through seamless onboarding. It is the gateway to employee engagement and business elevation. This article explores the impact of a well-crafted onboarding journey on your organization's success.  

Business Benefits of Seamless Onboarding 

  • Increased Retention & Reduced Turnover Cost  
    64% of new hires quit within a year due to poor onboarding experience. This makes onboarding critical. A seamless onboarding experience isn't just a formality—it's the cornerstone of a lasting employee-employer relationship. When new hires feel welcomed and valued right from the start, they're more likely to commit to the organization for the long haul. This commitment translates into lower turnover rates, reducing the substantial costs associated with recruitment, training, and lost productivity. Comprehensive onboarding builds a skilled workforce that's eager to contribute to the company's growth and success, eventually positively impacting the business bottom line. 
  • Accelerated Time to Proficiency 
    Time is money, and nowhere is this more evident than in business operations. A well-structured onboarding process shortens the learning curve for new employees, allowing them to swiftly adapt to their roles and responsibilities. Instead of spending weeks or months trying to grasp their job functions, new hires are empowered to contribute meaningfully from the get-go. Right onboarding can supercharge time-to-proficiency metrics, driving efficient operations, innovation and growth. 
  • Employee Engagement & Performance 
    According to the EY Asia-Pacific Belonging Barometer 2022 report, only 43% of APAC employees feel like they belong in their workplace. Employee engagement is the engine that powers productivity and innovation. A meticulously planned onboarding journey goes beyond just acclimating new hires—it ignites a sense of purpose and belonging. This increased sense of belonging and engagement translates into higher performance levels, a collaborative atmosphere, and a workforce that's deeply aligned with the organization's goals. An engaged workforce will always translate into improved business productivity and output.  
  • Better Customer Service & Satisfaction 
    A comprehensive onboarding process ensures that new hires not only understand their roles but also internalize the company's commitment to customer satisfaction. By imparting the skills and knowledge necessary to provide top-tier service, organizations cultivate a customer-centric culture that leads to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. As employees become brand ambassadors through effective onboarding, they project this commitment in every customer interaction. This level of service excellence not only enhances customer relationships but also fuels business growth. 

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  • Strong Employer Brand 
    In a highly competitive job market, a strong employer brand plays a crucial role in achieving business success. When new employees are welcomed with a carefully designed onboarding process that reflects the company's values and dedication to employee growth, they become enthusiastic supporters of the brand both inside and outside the company. This positive image enhances the company's reputation, drawing in top talent and resonating with clients and partners who value a culture of excellence.  
  • Reduced Training & Development Cost 
    The investment made during onboarding is an investment made in employee efficiency and performance. When new hires receive a comprehensive introduction to their roles and better understanding of the job expectations, they require less intensive ongoing training. This not only saves time but also minimizes the expenses associated with extensive training programs. A robust onboarding process empowers employees to excel from day one, ensuring they're equipped to contribute effectively, innovate, and drive the company's success. 
  • Streamlined Compliance & Risk Management 
    In today's business world, compliance is non-negotiable. The average cost of non-compliance is $14.82 million. A seamless onboarding experience isn't just about integrating new hires—it's about ensuring they are well-versed in industry regulations, company policies, and ethical standards. By incorporating compliance training into onboarding, organizations mitigate the risk of legal issues, penalties, and reputational damage. This proactive approach not only safeguards the company's interests but also fosters a culture of integrity and accountability.  



In the intricate landscape of modern business, seamless onboarding significantly impacts employee engagement, loyalty, and growth. HR leaders must harness the benefits of a robust learning platform like Tenneo LMS to revolutionize onboarding. Tenneo LMS empowers HR leaders to orchestrate personalized, compliance-driven learning journeys that align new hires with company values. 

Partnering with Tenneo isn't just strategic—it's transformative, shaping a future where exceptional onboarding fuels remarkable business achievement. 

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