Is your LMS keeping up with your workforce’s evolving learning needs?

Discover an LMS that caters to the changing learning requirements of your workforces and the industry.

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4 stages of learning evolution – which serves you best?


4 stages of learning evolution – which serves you best?

Different organisations follow unique learning curves. Tenneo’s LMS, with its 4 variants, is developed to suit the needs of your evolving workforce.

  • Pay only for what you use and opt for multiple variants as required
  • Choose the use cases best suited to your needs and explore flexibility to shape your learning environment
  • Optimise time spent on training

Each variant is designed to provide a heightened user experience with engaging content, increased accessibility, and optimised utilisation of the platform through robust analytics.

Basics done right

This variant is ideal for companies embarking on their learning journey

Product Trainings

Make diverse trainings (from product updates to ready reckoners) part of your product GTM.


Develop induction material and conduct training using Hybrid modes (remote+F2F).

Process Trainings

Create and deploy process trainings, and compel completion through micro-certifications.


Make mandatory trainings like POSH, ESH, AML, etc., easy to deliver with tools to drive adoption and completion.

Enterprise level learning and development

A learning portal for SMBs and complex, large organisations with inter-departmental dependencies


Take your new workforces through an enjoyable joining and learning experience.


Improve learner motivation using points, badges and redeemable gifts built in our system.


Provide spaced learning re-enforcements for longer and better retention among learners.


Use our compliance overlay feature to maintain standardisation of training and comply to regulatory needs.

Personalised and self-driven

Enterprise LMS with LXP (Learning Experience Platform) for organisations that need experience-based, personalised training


Use our comprehensive skill management feature with industry specific skills and built-in courses to quickly upskill your workforce.


Take advantage of our AI-based learning suggestions, based on a learner’s preference, learning history and job profile.


Connect workforces to SMEs and mentors within and outside the organisation.


Engage the learner with smart notifications, video-based learning, and learner communities.

Performance targeted learning

A targeted learning system linked to business goals


Use real-time data from these systems to identify gaps in an workforce’s performance and calculate actual learning ROI.


Integrate with your corporate systems like HCM, CRM, QMS, etc., to target workforces who need training.


Deliver targeted training at the right time so that the workforce can apply it in on-going work.

Why Tenneo

There are many reasons why Tenneo LMS should be your Go-To LMS. Tenneo assures you of seamless implementation and smooth integration, reducing your implementation timeline by 45%.

Designed for your
Compliance needs

Mobile-first approach
for Just-in-Time Learning

100+ pre-packaged connectors - HRMS, Content Library, MS Teams, Zoom, CRMS etc.

Curated Content 
from Hub, YouTube, TedEx

The features don’t just stop there.

Video Library
For fast streaming

Skill Gap Analysis
For accurate training planning

Gamification Layer
For competitive environment

Business Analytics
With the ability to build customized dashboards

Case Studies

Awards and Accolades

Take the leap.
Build a seamless learning experience.

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