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Unlock the dream of a global, delighted customer base with our transformative partnership. Together, we will create an ecosystem that propels your business to new heights. By joining forces, you gain the power to sell Tenneo's cutting-edge learning suite, opening doors to an augmented revenue stream and fueling your business growth. Embrace this mutually beneficial partnership and turn aspirations into reality.

Why Partner with an LMS Company & Why Now

The LMS market presents an exceptional opportunity that cannot be ignored! Our meticulous market research has unveiled compelling facts that highlight why partnering with an LMS company today is a wise decision:

  • The market is projected to grow at 24% CAGR. This rate is significantly higher in comparison to CRMs and HRMS, which are projected to grow at 12.1% and 12.2% respectively. Source: MarketsandMarkets
  • Previously, only large organizations would invest in LMS solutions, but now even small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are embracing them.
  • Acceptance of multiple LMSes within an organization is further growing the Total Addressable Market (TAM).
  • The selling cycle of an LMS is typically shorter than other enterprise software solutions, making it a fast-moving product.

Why Partner with Tenneo

Tenneo is recognized as a respected brand in the LearnTech landscape and serves all types of customers from a commercial standpoint. Here are some compelling reasons why you must partner with us:

Tenneo has high product stickiness
Our customer churn rate is under 7%, indicating a high level of product stickiness with customers.
Enhanced TCV (Total Contract Value) over customer lifecycle
We witness a 20% Y-O-Y increase in licenses and value-added services, resulting in a 2X TCV over the contract duration.
Revenue upliftment for partners
You will get top line advantage along with a multiyear revenue upliftment.
LMS contracts are long term
LMS contracts are generally multiyear contracts. The duration of these contracts can go up to a tenure of 3-5 years.

Who Should Partner with Us



HRM system providers.


CRM & Other Core System

Providers of CRM software and other core systems like ERP.


Consulting Firms

Organizations that provide HCM consulting.


Training Organizations

Organizations engaged in providing corporate training services.


System Integrators

SI organizations that can sell, implement and support the product.



Organizations providing OTS/Custom content services.


Product Resellers

Organizations that focus primarily on distributing ISV software.

Embedded Product

Embed and sell Tenneo’s learning suite as part of your solution offerings.

Referral Partner

Refer your clients and prospects to us to earn a commission on sales.

Reseller Partner

Distribute Tenneo’s learning platforms in your core market.

Licensing & Implementation Partner

Sell and implement Tenneo’s learning suite to establish an augmented revenue stream.

Want to know more about our Channel Partner Program?

1Will there be a dedicated team to manage the Partnership Program?
We are open to a diverse set of partner organizations across key regions. We offer dedicated support to partners across the sales as well as project delivery lifecycles and have a dedicated partner management team to manage our partner relationships seamlessly.
2What is the primary goal of this program?
Global Expansion. We want to be among the Top Ten LMSes globally. Channel partners will be the key asset for our global expansion and amplifying our product reach.
3How does Tenneo support Partner Certification?
Partners are trained by Tenneo and certified accordingly, both on a business (GTM) and product level for selling, implementing or supporting the install base.
4How will Partner Marketing & Promotions work?
Tenneo invests directly in the Partnership Network Marketing activities and does not charge its partners a partnership fee. We include our partners in our PR campaigns and on our website as well as authorize the use of our logo by our partners.
5We already have a partner LMS Company, can we still partner with you?
Yes, we can explore our partnership option. You might want to have multiple LMS partners depending on the partners’ market positioning.
6How much does it cost to become a partner?
$0. Partnering with us is absolutely free of charge. The partnership will only require investment of time and effort for our mutual growth.
7Are partnerships region specific or global?
We are flexible about it. However, our current focus is stronger on growing in a select few regions first and then expanding on a global scale.

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