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Ensure workforce belonging and productivity from day one with an intuitive LMS for Employee Onboarding.

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Make Your Employee Onboarding
Experience Measurable

Hiring and onboarding new hires can be daunting for both HR and employees. That’s why Tenneo LMS for onboarding helps you create an effective induction and onboarding experience that translates into employee learning and performance. Fast-growing organizations need onboarding learning solutions that nurture their new employees from day one.

Tenneo’s onboarding training platform measures the success of your onboarding programs with these metrics:

  • Reduced attrition rate
  • Reduced documentation and paperwork
  • Reduced time to proficiency
  • Improved new hire engagement

How Tenneo Does It

Effective onboarding begins way before employees sit down at their desks and decide their intent. That’s why Tenneo Onboarding LMS creates a seamless, memorable, and engaging learning experience that ensures your workforces are engaged enthusiastic, and informed from the get go.

Tenneo’s Onboarding Training Platform makes every stage of onboarding easy.

Crafting the Perfect Onboarding LMS

Tenneo LMS for onboarding intuitively and inclusively understands your learning goals, allowing you to create workflows catered to the diverse onboarding needs of employees from various backgrounds and cultures.

Analysing Employee
Job Fitment
Career Progression Pathways
Engagement and Collaboration
Inclusion and

Why Tenneo LMS for Onboarding

Tenneo’s onboarding learning solutions utilize exciting cognitive science and learning methodologies that ensure optimum employee performance from day one.



Reduced Paperwork


Unique Collaboration Platform


Automated Emailers to engage new hires from the moment of user account creation plus automatic training assignments with smart notifications.


Programmed Training Batch Assignment based on job role and KRA/KPI-based learning path visibility right on the learner’s dashboard.


Anytime/Anywhere Knowledge Repository for company policies and learning materials.


Social Collaboration Tools to help new hires imbibe organization culture via peer bonding and mutual learning


Automated Workflow for spaced learning to increase knowledge retention and Auto Reminders that ensure course completion.

Tenneo Onboarding LMS Impact

Retention Rate
ESAT Score
Optimum Process Compliance
Increased Training Completion Rates

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