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The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry involves multiple intricate aspects.

The industry's constant progress in new molecules and technology requires rigorous adherence to regulations and compliance. Tenneo LMS recognises the distinctive training needs of a wide-ranging workforce, from manufacturing to sales, and the need for regular re-training.

Compliance with strict regulations by governing bodies such as USFDA, WHO, PAHO, ICH, WIPO, etc., is essential, and a competent LMS is necessary.

Healing the gap: your prescription for top-notch training

Does your LMS

  • Manage the strict regulations and certification requirements
  • Provide agile learning for unique Standard Operating Procedures
  • Train for multiple, complex products and processes
  • Offer mobile-friendly learning assistance for Medical Representatives
  • Have a sales enablement mechanism for gathering intelligence during pitches to doctors
  • Links with CRM or other platforms
Tenneo LMS understands the industry’s specific and rigorous needs and is developed in consultation with healthcare and pharma industry experts.

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How Does Tenneo Help?

For Manufacturers
  • Built-in compliance feature with certification management and audit trail
  • Compliant with 21CFR Part 11 as per industry requirement for sale in EU/US/UK
  • Training in line with guidelines established by FDA, AMA, IMA, etc.
  • Definition and extension documentation of Job Descriptions for various roles and linking with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Automated workflows for training assignment based on SOP update
  • Constant monitoring, triggers, and notification mechanisms to ensure compliance and avoid penalties
For Sales through Medical Representatives
  • Soft-skills and product training to market and pitch Scheduled Drugs
  • Measurable KPIs to identify skill gaps and provide just-in-time training
  • Built-in on-the-job evaluation for continuous learning and feedback
  • Linking with CRMs and other platforms to provide on-time and need-based material for scheduled pitches
  • Deep search mechanism to source and showcase material to doctors in real time
  • Assessment of product knowledge and soft skills to assign MRs to future tasks

Why Tenneo?

Linking Learning with Performance

Spaced learning

Performance support

Just-in-time learning

Kirkpatrick model of evaluation

Flipped classroom model

Hassle-free Integration and Implementation

100+ connectors for integration with your tech stack

Continuously upgraded to provide better functionality

Integration with content repositories for better learning

Integration with social platforms for better collaboration

AI-driven Learning Experience

AI-based video assessments

Natural language programming

Machine learning for better suggestions

Deep search

Case Studies

Awards and Accolades

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