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Tenneo LMS – Treating Compliance
as More Than a Checkbox

Compliance isn’t just about being audit-ready or checking off guidelines and regulations. It is about setting up a process of ethical workflows and governance to ensure performance standards are met and exceeded. It is about ingraining values in your workforce to do the right thing at the right time in the right way.

With Tenneo LMS, you can effectively comply with external regulatory trainings such as POSH, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, ISO Standards, PCI DSS, EHS, and more. You can also carry out your internal compliance trainings with as much efficiency and effectiveness.

Comply with Confidence Using Tenneo LMS

Simplify the Complexity of Compliance

Breakdown the complex training structures into accessible programs for your workforce without any additional cost.

Reduce Damage Risks

Mitigate risks and avoid any potential legal issues. Remember, compliance training is never expensive, non-compliance is!

Track, Monitor, Retrain

Get early visibility into non-compliance through progress analysis and compliance exceptions. Automate retraining as and when required.

Increase Completion Rates

Bid adieu to boring training workflows by leveraging gamification, video-learning and micro-learning. Witness soaring course completion rates.

How Does Tenneo Do It?

Tenneo LMS focuses on two very important aspects of compliance training – Process and Evidence.

Tenneo LMS helps you identify the workforce compliance training needs mapped to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Once the SOPs are set, you can also structure the training in sync with the regulation guidelines specific to your industry. Tenneo LMS also helps you assess the compliance level of your workforce and automate recurring compliance courses based on the training tenure.
Training evidence is necessary for compliance audits. These audits generally monitor three things:
  1. Right people getting the right training at the right time.
  2. Compliance training acknowledgement from the workforce.
  3. Accomplishment of the compliance training goals.
Tenneo LMS helps you address these requisites with reports and certifications, digitally signed accords, and evaluation mechanisms to map the training results against the training goals.

Why Tenneo

Tenneo LMS provides Compliance Management Module that treats compliance training separately from other training


Compliance Masters for effective user management


Role-specific compliance training for particular user groups


Dashboards for monitoring compliance progress and exceptions


Built-in digital signature mechanism for course completions and announcements


Effective audit logging for better reports used during the statutory audits


Certifications courses on completion of compliance training programs

Tenneo LMS makes Compliance Training


Compliance connectors for integrating LMS with HRIS and Document Management Systems for pulling in SOPs.


Set rules for courses, certifications and validity. Create compliances with pre-requisites based on user attributes.


Easy, on-demand access to training, automated triggers for retraining needs and avoiding compliance exceptions.

Avoid Legal Penalties. Avoid Reputation Damage.
Build a Compliance Ready Workspace with Tenneo.

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