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Is your LMS on autopilot?

The pandemic is over and air traffic is back to normal. But the airline industry is more dynamic, surging and changing at a rapid pace. Navigating the skies of compliance and regulations can be challenging, and your LMS must keep up.

Tenneo’s LMS has been piloting companies to keep flying high for two decades, providing the right support to adapt and comply seamlessly.

Training to help you soar to new heights

With stringent regulations imposed by reputable organisations such as AITA, FAA, DGCA, ICAO, and more, your LMS must adhere to the highest level of compliance in every aspect, from extensive training to the format for generation of reports. Our cutting-edge LMS ensures meticulous compliance with even the minutest details, empowering you to confidently meet regulatory requirements without compromise.

So, if you are scanning the skies for an LMS that provides:

Management for strict authorisation and certification requirements
Extensive training for the smallest of tasks
Engaging training for on-flight crew and ground staff on critical processes
Mobile-friendly learning assistance for a globally dispersed workforce
Personalised learning for various job roles such as on-flight crew, MRO technicians, etc.
Localised and multilingual content for a diverse workforce base
Automation for optimal efficiency
Seamless integration with airline systems, providing a swift, superior, and precise solution for learning and training management
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For Airlines
  • Soft-skills training for ground staff and cabin crew, including aspects like grooming, de-escalation, damage control, etc.
  • Exhaustive process training for ground staff, from check-ins to navigation
  • eLearning features to virtually reach a workforce across 150 airports
  • Venue management for special training classrooms simulations, landings, emergency procedures, etc.
For MROs
  • Process and product training for a wide range of checks, repairs and audits
  • Compliance training to meet regulatory requirements

A Look at Who’s Flying With Us

How Does Tenneo Help?

Tenneo knows the ins and outs of the automobile sector and the challenges it presents. Our LMS is specific and specialised.

Mobile-first system
In-built comprehensive authorisation and compliance management
QR Code integrated attendance marking and protocol adherence
Ready APIs for industry system integration like Roster Management System and flight-ops
Automated workflow for batch creation, training assignment, report generation, etc.
Audit trail in prescribed format with detail reports and analytics
Robust connectors for integration with aviation-specific learning repositories
Tenneo has also established strategic partnerships with organisations who can develop aviation-specific learning content.

Let Your Flight Take Off

Why Tenneo?

Linking Learning with Performance

Spaced learning

Performance support

Just-in-time learning

Kirkpatrick model of evaluation

Flipped classroom model

Hassle-free Integration and Implementation

100+ connectors for integration with your tech stack

Continuously upgraded to provide better functionality

Integration with content repositories for better learning

Integration with social platforms for better collaboration

AI-driven Learning Experience

AI-based video assessments

Natural language programming

Machine learning for better suggestions

Deep search

Case Studies

Awards and Accolades

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