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Disrupting the disruptors with Tenneo LMS

IT and ITeS companies are fast-paced and constantly evolving. Skilled professionals work hard to create and provide solutions that improve people’s lives. An agile and adaptable LMS platform is essential in this environment. At Tenneo, we understand the needs of this industry and have developed a platform that promotes innovation and keeps its users up to date with latest industry developments.

If you are looking for

A platform that promotes self-paced learning through AI-based recommendations and continuous upskilling
Training to stay abreast with latest technologies
Mechanisms to onboard new hires effectively
Gamified, immersive and engaging learning experience
A centralised secure platform for standardisation
Microlearning and certifications
Compliance training and other mandatory trainings like POSH, Digital Security, etc.
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Tenneo – LMS for predictable outcomes

Tenneo LMS is tailored to cater to the demands of the IT sector, where bug-free programming and technological advancements are the standard. Employing insights from the science of learning and cognition, Tenneo's offerings have demonstrated efficacy for numerous clients worldwide. Notably, our LMS has been developed in consultation with industry experts in both software and hardware.

A look at our Clients

How Does Tenneo Help?

For IT Companies
  • A strong collaborative learning suite to encourage information sharing and keep employees motivated
  • Recommendation based learning mechanisms to assess skill gaps and provide need-based learning solutions
  • Evolved gamification features to identify subject matter experts and connect them to employees in need of training
  • Self-paced continuous upskilling and skill engagement
  • Built-in integration with extensive technology and IT content repositories
  • Compliance feature to meet regulations such as GDPR, BDSG etc.
  • On-the-job training and evaluation of interns, freshers, and engineers
  • Rapid development cycle to upskill your employees on the latest updates in technology before competitors
For ITeS Companies

In addition to offerings mentioned for IT Companies, Tenneo also offers

  • Training for issue resolution and improved efficiency
  • Predictive learning solutions designed to solve current and future business challenges
  • A robust repository of resolution techniques and features for easy access
  • Microlearning driven by need-based analytics

Why Tenneo?

Linking Learning with Performance

Spaced learning

Performance support

Just-in-time learning

Kirkpatrick model of evaluation

Flipped classroom model

Hassle-free Integration and Implementation

100+ connectors for integration with your tech stack

Continuously upgraded to provide better functionality

Integration with content repositories for better learning

Integration with social platforms for better collaboration

AI-driven Learning Experience

AI-based video assessments

Natural language programming

Machine learning for better suggestions

Deep search

Case Studies

Awards and Accolades

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