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Businesses are changing. And so is learning. At Tenneo, we work to bring about a behavioural change in people and businesses. We build an evolving LMS, but the real goal behind our work is to link training with performance, make learning matter, and create learning cultures that can thrive in today's ever-changing world.

Tenneo (erstwhile G-Cube LMS) delivers tech-driven, innovative, scalable and secure learning solutions to help organizations enhance their workforce training process and build an engaged workforce.

Our expertise in this area is clearly visible through our accolades.




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Tenneo is an MRCC Group Company,
catering to one of its 5 business units that lead
incredible workforce learning journeys
throughout the world.

MRCC, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Billerica, USA, has partnered with clients across the globe. With divisions including Edtech, IT Staffing, Digital Transformation and cutting-edge companies like Tenneo (LearnTech) and Ozemio (Talent Transformation); MRCC is committed to providing the best products and services possible to meet client needs.

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Our Success Story

Our Success Story

Awards and Accolades

Who We Are and What We Promise

TENNEO is coined from the goal that we have set for ourselves of being a
entrant among the top
corporate LMS's worldwide.

Fueled with a new zest for achieving greater heights and making learning matter, we have upped our game, rebranded and embraced a new identity that encourages us to be bold, curious and courageous. G-Cube LMS is now Tenneo.

New vision and a new promise are the two pledges that make up our identity at Tenneo. These principles are closely linked with our desire to achieve our goals and make learning matter. Driving on this new identity and a laudable two-decade long legacy, we enter into a new era of workforce training with an enhanced avatar of our learning system.

We make learning matter, we link learning with performance, we deliver seamless success.

We take it as our responsibility to build products that will help YOU succeed.

Our Leadership

Anil Shah

Group President & CEO

Deeptanshu Tiwari

Group COO


Shashi Kant Sinha

Senior Vice President, MRCC Group

Ankush J. Jagga

Head of Business, Tenneo

Sayan Guha

Head of Product, Tenneo


Anuradha Jain

Head of Delivery, Tenneo

Amit Tyagi

Vice President Customer Success, Tenneo

Jinal Gohil

Director Finance

Anita Joshi

Director Human Resource

Mithun Aditya

Director Marketing

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