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Economies are propelled by manufacturing, and manufacturing organisations are driven by people. In certain sectors such as Heavy Engineering, it is crucial for companies to continuously train and upskill their workforce to cater to the needs of process industries.

Tenneo LMS provides complete solutions to the Heavy Engineering manufacturing sector, with a concentration on compliance, regulations, and safety norms.

Your blueprint for cutting-edge training

To effectively train a workforce that operates on the shopfloor and handles automation, new technologies, and safety regulations, a capable LMS that comprehends the unique challenges of the industry is essential. This includes:

  • Providing mandatory compliance training as per manufacturing guidelines
  • Focusing on health and safety norms for extended workforce handling the machinery
  • Providing on-the-go learning via smart devices for knowledge retention
  • Agile learning for fast changing technology and increasing competition across the globe
  • Delivering training as per defined role - junior technicians, workers, supervisor, etc.
Tenneo LMS has been developed with experts in the manufacturing domain.

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How Does Tenneo Help?

Whether it’s operations or competency training for engineers, technicians, or supervisors, Tenneo LMS has solutions that ensure your skilled workforce is a step ahead in terms of know-how.

Training for Supply Chain Management, Quality Control, and other required processes
Performance-based training as per gaps identified during production process
Continuous training for newer technologies, processes, and machineries
Competency frameworks for soft-skills and technical skills
On-job evaluation, customised reports and dashboards for internal and external audits in manufacturing units
E-learning systems like microlearning, game-based learning, mobile learning, and virtual reality

Why Tenneo?

Linking Learning with Performance

Spaced learning

Performance support

Just-in-time learning

Kirkpatrick model of evaluation

Flipped classroom model

Hassle-free Integration and Implementation

100+ connectors for integration with your tech stack

Continuously upgraded to provide better functionality

Integration with content repositories for better learning

Integration with social platforms for better collaboration

AI-driven Learning Experience

AI-based video assessments

Natural language programming

Machine learning for better suggestions

Deep search

Case Studies

Awards and Accolades

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