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Non-profits are perhaps the most motivated, inspiring organisations where profits and ROI do not define them. But they are complex in their operations and activities which range grassroot movements to bring about change in communities, economies of regions, social upliftment, and political reform.

Tenneo LMS provides a seamless learning experience that non-profits need, to build a community that is in sync and drives real-world impact.

  • Cost-effective and scalable learning for a wider reach
  • Immersive and engaging learning, leading to higher retention
  • Centralised knowledge platform
  • Sustainable, user-friendly technology for various users
  • Localised, accessible, and multilingual capabilities

Tenneo LMS offers a smooth and adaptable solution, catering to extensive and interconnected networks of volunteers and internal employees, such as program managers or CSR officers. Additionally, the platform takes an empathetic approach to compliance, inclusivity, and multilingual accessibility.

Driving Change Together

How Does Tenneo Help?

Tenneo LMS provides technology-aided learning solutions to help global non-profit networks attain specific goals. The LMS is aimed at creating mission-focused, skilled learners at all levels with a high degree of knowledge and operational efficiency.


Specific guidelines based on WCAG and Section 508 to ensure accessibility
Content dispersal through multiple platforms including website, applications, emails, etc.
Various mechanisms for continuous encouragement like in-app and app notifications, emails, deep linking, etc.
Engaging learning through robust video libraries, microlearning nuggets, localisation options, and multilingual capabilities
Mechanisms to build distinct domains for different locations, countries, and types of audiences (front line workers, specially abled, trainers and coaches, etc.)
Self-registration and admin-regulated user management features
Training in the nuances of ethics, compliance, fundraising, environmental health, and more
Tenneo LMS is also specially priced for non-profits and ensures best value for your investment, compared to other LMS’s in the market.

Let’s Make a Difference, Together

Why Tenneo?

Linking Learning with Performance

Spaced learning

Performance support

Just-in-time learning

Kirkpatrick model of evaluation

Flipped classroom model

Hassle-free Integration and Implementation

100+ connectors for integration with your tech stack

Continuously upgraded to provide better functionality

Integration with content repositories for better learning

Integration with social platforms for better collaboration

AI-driven Learning Experience

AI-based video assessments

Natural language programming

Machine learning for better suggestions

Deep search

Case Studies

Awards and Accolades

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