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June 13, 2023
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June 13, 2023

Software - On-the-Job Software Training with Integrated Learning Guides


Service Case Study



Business Requirements

  • The need to deliver continuous training – both for on-roll employees, as well as end-users at client side. 
  • The client also wanted to upskill their employees on the latest software quickly.

When they approached Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) to find a digital learning solution, they had specific need

  • An agile & robust learning platform to enhance the competence of sales staff at the dealerships.
  • A learning solution which can be scalable, cloud-based, and gamification friendly to engage the learners.
  • Easy access to various formats of learning contents and a tracking mechanism for training delivery and outcome.
  • Ability to provide elearning and blended learning that makes workforce knowledge ready quickly with new products and features.


  • Sustain training effort – in the face of new software development and rapid updates.
  • Train the globally dispersed workforce without hampering their work schedules. 
  • Align the right kind of learning to pertinent job roles and specific requirements.

Our solution

  • Simplify tool delivered effective on-the-job software training with integrated learning guides. 
  • Experiential learning guides on new or updated software applications could be identified on their web application using the Search option. 
  • The Analytics feature automatically aligned learner data– as per roles or designations– for external as well as on-roll employees. Reporting was automated completely.


  • Software Training was completely automated, and the training process was made sustainable across the organization and throughout the client base. 
  • Learning guides with a search option ensured easier and faster access to the most relevant information. 
  • Training sessions for multiple job roles and more than 1000 users across the client-base were delivered as per personalized requirements.

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