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June 13, 2023
June 13, 2023

Automobile - Onboarding Automobile Salesforce using Robust Genius Tool

Overview Meta:

A leading company, that excels and innovates in the Automotive sector to empower its employees and deliver exquisite customer experience. The focus is to train the salesforce on latest products and effectively sell them to the targeted customers.


Service Case Study



Business Requirements

  • To onboard both internal and external sales teams well and within time. 
  • To impart product knowledge in a manner that is easiest to remember, and with latest and cutting edge tools.

When they approached Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) to find a digital learning solution, they had specific need

  • An agile & robust learning platform to enhance the competence of sales staff at the dealerships.
  • A learning solution which can be scalable, cloud-based, and gamification friendly to engage the learners.
  • Easy access to various formats of learning contents and a tracking mechanism for training delivery and outcome.
  • Ability to provide elearning and blended learning that makes workforce knowledge ready quickly with new products and features.


  • The leading company was unable to keep pace around onboarding sales well and on time prior to product launches.
  • Another challenge was the lack of budget to do innovative e-learning.

Our solution

  • Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS)’s Genius served as a solution to create and deliver product-knowledge sales training, at a fraction of cost and time.
  • With mobile-enabled learning, salesforce could learn anytime and anywhere – learning was as per demand. 
  • Genius allowed use of pre-built templates to make content rich and as per the styles and preferences of new-age learners. 
  • Automated mobile notifications sent to sales employees as per the requirement for any product or service by the customers. 


  • Genius helped to train the Automobile sales employees on closing skills-gaps and boosting performance.
  • Cost-savings of up to 50% with effective training for on-the-go sales workforce.
  • With Genius, sales teams could easily track their individual performance and stakeholders could measure overall training impact.
  • Sales personnel could easily access the most relevant training content, improving customer satisfaction and overall sales. 

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