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June 14, 2023
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June 14, 2023

Kotak Mahindra - Personalized Training for Sales Professionals and Customer Services


Kotak Mahindra


Product Case Study



Business Requirements 

  • Client wanted to move the administration of learning to more influential analytics-driven automated route. 
  • They wanted to implement technology-aided analytics-driven platform to provide just-in-time support. 
  • They wanted to deliver customized training experience for Customer Service and Sales staff.

When they approached Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) to find a digital learning solution, they had specific need

  • An agile & robust learning platform to enhance the competence of sales staff at the dealerships.
  • A learning solution which can be scalable, cloud-based, and gamification friendly to engage the learners.
  • Easy access to various formats of learning contents and a tracking mechanism for training delivery and outcome.
  • Ability to provide elearning and blended learning that makes workforce knowledge ready quickly with new products and features.


  • A robust and reliable e-learning platform was required to serve diverse learning needs of the varied audiences. 
  • It was essential to deliver engaged learning that increases workplace productivity. 
  • A strong analytics engine was necessary to address learners’ performance gaps.

Our Solution

  • By implementing the Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) LMS Analytics Engine, assessments and reports were conducted and continually analyzed to track learners’ individual performance levels. 
  • A robust Rule Set was created in close collaboration with the Client that designed fed to LMS Analytics Engine.
  • As per the findings of the analytics engine, the learner path was established to make sure that learning was aligned to what they actually require.


  • Progress of learners was monitored automatically to determine gaps in performance and address them on a continual basis.
  • Performance Improvement Program was organized to provide supervisor level counselling for learners. 
  • A periodic analysis was done to improve the rule sets and attain maximum business objectives.

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