How a Cloud-Based LMS can help the BFSI industry to overcome training challenges?
How a Cloud-Based LMS can help the BFSI industry to overcome training challenges?
April 13, 2023
3 Top Tips to Make Hybrid & Remote Learning Easy with an Enterprise LMS
3 Top Tips to Make Hybrid & Remote Learning Easy with an Enterprise LMS
April 13, 2023
Blog - 22 Mar 2023 | 6 Min

What new does the Learning Performance Platform (LPP) offer to achieve business growth?


Piyush Gupta


A skilled workforce is critical in today’s ever-evolving global business environment. Employees must be well-trained, knowledgeable, and ready to adapt themselves to the ever-changing norms to sustain high levels of performance despite the challenges posed by the industry from time to time.


Learning and development has always helped in enhancing individual as well as organizational performance. As per Brandon Hall Group, research shows that the link between learning and performance improves performance 95% of the time. Recognizing the significance of learning as one of the key drivers of business growth, organizations are investing in learning content and learning technology platforms like LMS and LXP.


However, business leaders have always struggled to prove the direct impact of learning on performance.

The reports and analytics provided by most of the LearnTech products include data about learning consumption, patterns, and skill gaps, but it is not able to demonstrate the impact of learning on the workforces’ performance. This is because the relationship between learning and performance majorly depends on the type of content that is being learned, how is that content relevant and aligned to the workforces’ goals, and what is the time gap between learning and its implementation.


So far, there has been a missing link between the KPIs of an workforce and the training they have imparted. The main challenge that the organizations face is that the KPIs are stored in Performance Management Systems like CRM, ERP, HRMS, PMS, etc. whereas the learning content resides in the LMS. The lack of visibility between the two makes it difficult for managers to identify relevant learning content that needs to be aligned with the specific performance goals. Therefore, the workforce’s learning must integrate seamlessly with their performance objectives.


Let us, deep dive into this new category of Learntech product known as the LPP (Learning Performance Platform) a corporate LMS which comes with the capabilities to talk to other business systems, automate learning decision-making based on performance data, take instantaneous actions, and focus on the last mile reach for every workforce.


What does the Learning Performance Platform offer?  


  • It can seamlessly integrate with the Business systems and extract the KPI data.
  • It is an AI-based system that automatically analyses the performance gaps of each workforce.
  • It Instantly suggests the learning required to bridge the performance gap.
  • Reduces the costs to manage Learntech with a decrease in the admin cost.


LPP automates decision-making and provides a test run environment

Decision-making has always been challenging for business leaders as they need to analyze a huge amount of data stored across different locations or excel files which may be time-consuming. Research suggests that on average, stakeholders spend 37% of their time making decisions.  LPP’s integration capabilities can easily read the performance data from multiple systems and take instantaneous decisions based on the rules created as per the KPI matrix. It provides a test-run environment where leaders can get insights into the impact of the actions taken and accordingly make the required changes.


LPP is a cost-effective, less time-consuming product with impactful insights

LPP provides a platform that replaces human intervention with automation, thereby saving a lot of time, effort, and associated costs. It provides access to analyzed insights with the help of automated reports and dashboards that demonstrate the impact of learning based on workforce performance data.


LPP helps establish a continuous cycle of learning by focusing on individual learning and development as per the defined KPI parameters and targets. Talk to our learning consultants to know more about what LPP adds to achieve overall business growth.

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