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January 17, 2024
Tenneo Partners with Pocket HRMS to Reformulate Talent Learning and Management
March 21, 2024

Tenneo Partners with HROne to Redefine Talent Learning and Management


Nilesh Gutte

Tenneo, a prominent LMS provider, and HROne, a leading HRMS solution provider, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing talent management strategies for their customers. This collaboration brings together the strengths of Tenneo's LMS with HROne’s comprehensive HRMS to provide an integrated platform for seamless HR solutions. 

The partnership is a transformative step for Tenneo in expanding its market reach and reinforcing its commitment to making learning matter and delivering seamless success. The integration of Tenneo LMS with HROne aims to enhance data integration and user experience for customers seeking a unified solution for their HR and employee learning needs. This collaboration will empower organizations to streamline their employee learning and management processes -- from onboarding and performance management to delivering KPI-based continuous learning, all with one cohesive platform. 

For HROne, the partnership with Tenneo translates into a more comprehensive and efficient system for managing human resources, talent development, and learning within organizations. This collaboration enables HROne to offer an integrated solution that caters to the evolving needs of the modern workforce, fostering a strategic and cohesive approach to HR and learning. 

The true beneficiaries of this partnership are the users and clients, who will experience the synergistic effect of integrating HRMS and LMS functionalities. This integrated approach presents a seamless, efficient, and strategic solution to talent management and employee development. This unified solution will result in a more effective, cohesive, and empowered workforce. 

The vision behind this partnership is to create a symbiotic relationship between HRMS and LMS. The aim is to present a one-stop solution for clients, believing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The vision is to contribute to the development of an effective, efficient, and empowered workforce, ultimately shaping the future of talent management. 

In the words of Pratisurya Anand, AVP – Alliances & Partnerships at Tenneo, "This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Tenneo and HROne. By combining forces, we are not just integrating systems; we are shaping the future of talent management. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive, seamless solution that empowers organizations to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of HR and learning." 

"We're excited to partner with Tenneo in redefining talent management and learning. This collaboration signals our commitment to providing clients with an integrated HRMS and LMS solution, simplifying processes and empowering organizations to thrive in the evolving HR and learning landscape. Together, we shape the future of talent management, fostering a strategic approach for an effective, efficient, and empowered workforce." says Karan Jain, Founder, HROne.  

As Tenneo and HROne unite to present an integrated HRMS and LMS solution, the commitment to revolutionizing LearnTech and link learning with performance remains unwavering. Tenneo is dedicated to being at the forefront of learning innovation, consistently pushing boundaries, and redefining the future of employee learning and development. 

To know more on HROne X Tenneo partnership and benefits, click- https://hrone.cloud/tenneo/ 

Be part of the LearnTech Revolution, Be part of the Tenneo Community. https://tenneo.com/contact-us/ 


About HROne: HROne has been redefining modern-day workplaces with cutting-edge HR technology since 2016. It is an HR automation platform that helps companies eliminate mundane and repetitive HR tasks by automating 127+ processes. Consistently ranked as one of the top HR software, HROne is on a mission to improve the quality of professional lives by helping HRs and employees derive work fulfilment. It is trusted by 1500+ organizations for simplifying their attendance, payroll, expense, employee lifecycle, recruitment, employee engagement, and management functions daily. The 300+ strong team works daily on the promise to maximize productivity with highly configurable HRMS, analytics, and mobile app, with the best customer success in the industry. HROne equates its success with the success of its people, clients, partners, and community. To learn more, visit hrone.cloud 

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