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Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS)'s Event on 'The Power of Data-driven Learning for Modern Corporates' - An interactive platform of Learning and Sharing


Nilesh Gutte

Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) is happy to share the successful insights of our curated event on 'The Power of Data-driven Learning for Modern Corporates' held on 9th August'2019, Mumbai. The event created a big buzz all around by connecting leading industry experts, L&D professionals and business vertical heads - to converge their views on Technology-aided Learning. The focus of the event was to share and discuss emerging trends and innovations in the realm of Corporate Training and Development.   The event started with the Keynote Speaker session on 'New-age L&D trends that reflect best Principals' by Clark Quinn, a leading technology and strategy expert. The session proved to be an interactive platform for CEOs and CXOs to discussthe constant need for innovation and evolved learning strategy for corporate environment. The perfect concoction of modern ideas and latest eLearning trends helped our clients to deliberate on the rising need of technology-aided learning for new-age workforce.   Post the Keynote session, Ms. Neeru Bafna, L&D head at Axis Bank, presented the case on how Data-driven Learning Strategy helped Axis Bank in increasing ROIs, attaining business goals, and improving overall training impact. The session was very engaging in the way how a cycle of continuous Learner Evaluation can bring benefits of increased Impact and ROI of Training. Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) presented the live demonstration of our proprietary products - Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) Learning and Performance Platform (LPP) and Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to put the spotlight on the need to align Learning to Performance Goals and Business ROIs. Our CEO, Manish Gupta, shared insights on the business benefits of these products to transform the entire facet of corporate learning and experience. Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) also highlighted the impact of innovations in e-learning content development. We presented our latest Content Automation Product, which helps create training content effectively, reduces development costs, as well as timelines - all the while improving performance levels.   Manish Gupta, CEO at Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) said, "The curated event proved to be a huge success altogether in sharing insights on the latest trends and innovations in corporate e-learning space. The event format was one of its kind for our industry - where thought leaders and business experts shared ideas on the same platform. We are looking forward to organize similar corporate events in the future to bring our experts and business leaders together in an interactive platform. Our aim is to create a forum of sharing experiences and learning,talk about e-learning innovations that help to derive measurable ROIs, , and streamline corporate training experiences for millennials at the modern workplace."  

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Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) Solutions is a leading CMMi Level 3 e-Learning products and services company - with a global delivery and support footprint. Over the last decade, Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) has helped hundreds of customers worldwide and across diverse domains. Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) has the right mix of experience and expertise to provide tailor-made and company-specific solutions - rather than industry-specific solutions. The solutions are also flexible to meet the evolving needs of customers.   Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS)'s product portfolio includes our cutting-edge Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) LMS V7 supporting features such as Virtual Classroom, Content Authoring Tool, Assessment Engine, and Skill-Gap and ILT management systems. Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS)'s content services include designing and developing custom e-courses, mobile learning, content localization, game-based learning, simulations, and consulting for curriculum design.   With its focus on innovation and 'WoWing' the customer, Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) has won various industry awards, such as the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 India Award for the last five years, multiple Brandon Hall Awards for Excellence in Learning and Technology, the NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award and multiple Apex Awards for Excellence.

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