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Key Features and Business Benefits of E Learning System for Modern Corporates


Anubha Goel


Corporate learning is shifting from a traditional classroom-based approach to online training delivery. With the utilization of the latest e-learning tools, modern corporates ensure to provide an experience that is more engaging, self-paced, and effective. A robust e learning system holds the potential to bridge skill-gaps, drive workforce performance, increase ROIs, and meet personalized goals. With technological advancement, corporate LMSs cater to the pertinent learning needs of globally dispersed audiences.

The new-age LMS improves the overall effectiveness of training, thereby making tracking, reporting, and certification easier and accurate. Organizations deploy e learning system to serve the following benefits:

● Increased ability to effectively administer workplace training programs.
Delivery of personalized e-learning content for the diversified audiences using a centralized system.

● Reduced travel and infrastructural costs, unlike instructor-led training sessions.

●Improved skills and knowledge competency with the delivery of highly impactful and custom training content.

●Aligning learning to meet diverse training goals such as compliance, sales training, onboarding, soft skills, and more.

The year 2019 has undoubtedly proved to be the year of innovations with the shift towards delivering performance-driven and ROI-aligned learning solutions. Key features of the modern e learning system include the following:

1- Adaptive learning

The custom training approach includes providing the same training content across for varied job roles and departments within the enterprise. Adaptive learning identifies the need-gaps and delivers training that caters to the personalized needs of targeted audiences. Consequently, customization of training courses is cost-effective, specific, and attainable.

2- Microlearning

Micro content delivery is one of the top e-learning trends which focus on delivering short and digestible content across multiple mobile devices. Microlearning divides relevant information into short duration sessions formatted as videos, quizzes, games, slides, and more. Undoubtedly, breaking down lengthy content into short chunks and delivering at spaced intervals boost overall engagement and retention levels.

3- Gamification

Gamification of e-learning content holds the potential to engage and encourage participants using badges, scores, achievements, and more. It helps to showcase towards achieving goals while meeting challenges with reinforcing some sense of accomplishment. Key aspects that improve the effectiveness of gamification include aesthetic appeal, track interaction, motivate participants, and easy to understand.

4- KPI-linked learning

Corporate LMS integrates with other enterprise systems such as HRMS, CRM, and others to collate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Based on the KPI data, the LMS creates delivers KPI-linked learning solutions to deliver personalized training content as per the needs of all. As a result, this improves engagement, bridges knowledge-gaps, increase ROIs, and attain organizational success.

5- Mobile learning

Due to the short attention spans of the millennial workforce, the usage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is trending. Mobile learning ensures that employees undergo training at any point of time, whether at home, in office, or even on the go. The deployment of custom mobile learning apps ensures that training content is responsive, personalized, and accessible at the learner’s convenience.

Today, most organizations realize that improving workforce performance is a significant aspect in today’s competitive environment. The emerging trends in learning and development leverage the benefits of robust technology to make training more accessible and personalized to learners. If you are looking for a powerful e learning system, then Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) LMS can serve as a viable solution. The proprietary learning management software supports a myriad of features including KPI-driven learning, assessment engine, gamification, mobile apps, rapid authoring, personalized learning, and so on. These advanced features drive learner engagement, workplace productivity, improve knowledge retention, performance, and expand the reach of your business. Get in touch with us at if you want to know more about our products and services.

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