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May 31, 2023
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May 31, 2023
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Increasing Scope Of Enterprise Learning Management System For Modern Learners


Anubha Goel


With digitization, the use of online Learning Management Systems at workplace is trending. Apart from organizational workforce, it is essential to train an extensive network of employees. To ensure maximum learning efficiency and workplace productivity for extended workforce, training courses are designed in a way to deliver completely engaging learning experience aligned to the needs of individuals.

Exploring the Ways to Deploy an Extended Enterprise LMS at Workplace

Today’s new age learners want to access training at their own pace of time and place. Organizations have started embracing cutting-edge technologies to take learning to the next level. Deployment of modern LMSs is ubiquitous across a wide range of industry verticals. To gain competitive edge in the future, enterprises are pushing their talent pool beyond the confines to involve the extended workforce, which includes vendors, outsource partners, contractors and others. By improving the growth potential of internal employees as well as extended workforce, companies seek an added advantage of their workforce skills and agility.


With most of the LMSs are designed to cater to the customized needs of learners, scope of online training is increasing. A robust online learning platform helps organizations to deliver courses in a mobile and dynamic environment to meet the ever-evolving industry needs. Undoubtedly, extended workforce will continue to strive for the success of any corporate training program. There are 3 basic components of an extended enterprise LMS as outlined here:

  • Utilization of latest e-learning technologies to efficiently manage the course sales.
  • Recognize different distribution channels that are ready to distribute content with ease.
  • Leverage essential business activities from sales, reporting and marketing to customer service and content management.

Modern LMS and Its Key Values

In today’s digitized world, LMS is becoming equally important to improve the overall learning experience. With technological advancements, the modern contingent workforce is going mobile and tech-savvy. There are three important values that enterprises follow to increase the scope of extended enterprise LMS:


E-learning for extended workforce opens a wide scope to reach potential learners which helps improving the brand presence.


With e-learning, organizations generate more revenues by selling courses to permanent employees as well as extended personnel. The highly skilled workforce incorporates advanced strategies to reduce overall costs and enhance business productivity.


With an exponential rise in the distribution of courses on a wide network, enterprises are embracing ways to share their values and ideas with others. It helps improving reputation with target audiences which include customers as well as suppliers.

Over the last few years, organizations have transformed the way they tap into the extended workforce. Earlier, they did it as a tactical response to cater to the tailored needs. Then, they considered making their personnel as a key component for corporate strategy. In addition, technology has helped organizations to apply varied talent management practices to their external employees which include instant feedbacks, knowledge management and performance tracking. So, when contingent workers take a strategic business initiative to develop a robust adoption model, the outcomes have a huge impact on the organization’s global reach, reputation and revenue.

Reference: 3 Ways To Implement A Successful Extended Enterprise Learning Management System For Your Workforce

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