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May 31, 2023
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May 31, 2023
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How an Extended Enterprise LMS Benefits in Training External Teams?


Surinder Madan


The organizations have external teams that include distribution partners, supply networks, strategic partners, or franchises associated. As organizations grow with time, there arises the need to train external teams to realize their potential and stay ahead of the competitors.   Training external teams ensure that standardized information is being shared with the customers. Successful extended enterprise lms training increases customer engagement and loyalty because partners can easily and confidently interact with new or existing customers.   The extended enterprise LMS enables organizations to achieve consistency across distribution channels, regardless of their team’s location or defined roles & responsibilities. The LMS makes training easier, faster, and more cost-effective for organizations. Aside from the above benefits, let’s read out more to find out how an extended enterprise LMS helps in training external teams associated.  

Enables quicker access to product/services training resources

  An extended enterprise LMS is invaluable to external sales teams and this way of delivering training helps to float all the new and important information to remote sales teams quickly and effectively. The workforce can even access online training materials that are stored in one central location in their native language, thanks to the multi-language support that makes learning faster.  

Provides an opportunity for personalized training paths

  Organizations have their external team which comprises diverse partners such as vendors and distributors. Each category of these partners needs a different type of training to achieve its goals. The LMS enables assigning personalized online training paths as per workforce-specific needs, responsibilities, and preferences. The LMS gives you the power to deploy timely online training resources, target online training activities, and assess learner progress. As per eLearning Industry reports, 58% of employees prefer self-paced training.  

Overall workforce’s professional development

  At times, external partners have a tough time achieving domain knowledge or compliance/regulation certifications. Using the built-in LMS reports, and analytics features enable them to monitor their progress and provide important feedback to them. From this feedback, partners can improve their performance and gain greater experience and skills in the process. This provides the opportunity to develop themselves personally & professionally, and in return, they are more likely to remain loyal to your organization.  

Makes the external workforce feels valued and part of the core team

  An extended enterprise LMS gives everyone equal opportunities to expand their knowledge and become part of the team. They get to read up on the latest company policies at the same time as your in-house staff. Thus, external partners are also able to build brand awareness so that they accurately reflect your organization’s image in the public forum. For instance, external partners would know organizations messaging and the brand value when they are interacting with a valued client.  

Anytime, anywhere learning

  An extended enterprise LMS provides an opportunity to access online training materials whenever or wherever it’s most convenient. The learners don’t need to wait until the next scheduled training session, as all the resources they need are immediately accessible online. This helps to make your workforce ready in a shorter span of time and with less cost involved.   To Conclude……. With extended enterprise LMS, organizations can distribute need-to-know information to partners quickly and cost-effectively. LMS helps in the overall development of the available talent for better business growth. The LMS gives external partners the opportunity to identify personal areas for improvement where their workforce may have been lacking. This may include product knowledge gaps that prevent them from improving their sales numbers.   Tenneo (formerly Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) LMS) has enabled multiple organizations with effective technology-based solutions and helped them build a culture of continuous learning for everyone associated with the organization. Talk to our learning consultant to know more about how an extended enterprise LMS can create a competitive learning-first environment for your organization.

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