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June 14, 2023
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June 14, 2023

Special Olympics - Centralized E-learning Platform for Specially-abled


Special Olympics


Product Case Study


Non-profit Organization

Business Requirements 

  • Client wanted to use a centralized e-learning platform to automate the training process. 
  • To effectively train Clinical Directors, Doctors, Physicians, Dieticians, Sports Coaches and healthcare professionals.

When they approached Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) to find a digital learning solution, they had specific need

  • An agile & robust learning platform to enhance the competence of sales staff at the dealerships.
  • A learning solution which can be scalable, cloud-based, and gamification friendly to engage the learners.
  • Easy access to various formats of learning contents and a tracking mechanism for training delivery and outcome.
  • Ability to provide elearning and blended learning that makes workforce knowledge ready quickly with new products and features.


  • Scattered and Global audiences with diversified skills set. No centralized learning portal to meet changing needs of people with vernacular challenges. 
  • No automated process for end to end workflow i.e. from registration of an athlete to completion of his/her training. 
  • Since majority of the end users were not so technical, therefore a user-friendly interface was required. 
  • Big challenge to gather inputs from diversified audience and data was managed through spreadsheets which require lot of human intervention.

Our Solution

  • Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) LMS integrated with internal data management system to support Single Sign On functionality. 
  • The LMS helped the client to track and notify about successful completion of e-learning courses.
  • The Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) LMS Business Intelligence tool helped to fetch real-time reports as well as receive reports at a set frequency through scheduler service having the data at global and country levels. 
  • The hierarchy mechanism was followed to customize the overall registration process. 
  • Custom auto-generated notifications developed to effectively communicate with both external as well as internal SO employees. 
  • Exclusive custom workflows created in LMS to approve the registration of the external volunteers.
  • The live and running application was made compliant to GDPR as this standard was enforced.


  • The easy-to-use online learning platform implementation resulted in meeting 100% compliance for mandatory and non-mandatory training programs.
  • The robust Learning Portal helped users from 170 countries to complete mandatory training for the World’s largest humanitarian sports event which focuses on empowering specially-abled people through sports.
  • The Learning Portal translated training content in 9 official languages of Special Olympics Inc which include Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Japanese and English.
  • Custom registration workflows that were created in this application helped to automate the entire process. Consequently, it improved the overall efficiency to 75% for more than 5000 volunteers across the globe. 
  • Seamless integration with SOI internal applications such as Okta and Qualtrics with Sigle Sign On functionality reduced 60% of manual intervention.
  • Furthermore, the entire application got compliant with GDPR (General data Protection Regulation) in a span of one week as a part of Europe Union countries mandate. 
  • Lastly, Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) LMS also reached to other SOI entities like Unified School Championship and Leadership Excellence Academy to impart skill-based training to 5000 educators as well as more than 500 Leaders.

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