Automation of Training Process & Performance Evaluation Tracking using the LMS
April 13, 2023

Axis Bank achieved 30% Increase in Training Completion Rate after LMS Implementation


Axis Bank is the third-largest private sector bank (head office in Mumbai) that offers a wide range of financial products. The major services provided are Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Transaction Banking, Investment Banking and Trustee services, and International Banking.

Axis Bank provides the entire spectrum of financial services to customer segments covering large and mid-corporates, MSME, agriculture, and retail businesses.





Business Objective

Axis bank needed to provide regular training to its workforces within the organization and its subsidiaries to meet the compliance requirements, provide sales enablement and keep them updated as per the latest regulations. Under the initiative “One Axis”, the client aimed to consolidate all their IT and digital functions including training processes across the organization, regions, and subsidiaries. They needed a comprehensive single portal training management solution to establish brand identity, values, and quality of service. However, given the vastness of the organization, there were many challenges while training the dispersed workforce that needed immediate attention.

When they approached Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) to find a learning solution, they had specific needs, that were as follows-

  • To maintain information security compliance and consistency across all branches.
  • Standardization of process, reducing high spending on maintenance of multiple systems.
  • Providing eLearning for all workforces in the primary organization and all its subsidiaries.
  • A platform with the capability to consolidate all learning practices under one system & manage data in desired formats of reports & dashboards.
Major Challenges Faced
  • No centralized system for accessing a variety of skill-based eLearning courses.
  • Inability to identify new hires’ profiles within the existing system led to compliance issues for new hires.
  • Different departments used different systems/practices for training delivery leading to potential compliance gaps.
  • Low training completion rates due to technical downtime and accessibility issues within the existing system.
  • No tracking of progress and completion status of compliance & audit-related mandatory courses. No mechanism for Training Need Identification (TNI).
  • Highly repetitive, manual processes for database entries & report generation led to delays & increased risk of human errors.
  • Existing system’s inability to assign training to all workforces led to compliance issues, delayed workforce readiness, & reduced productivity.


Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS)’s project team implemented LMS for Axis bank to streamline the entire training cycle for their workforces. The LMS helped them with an evaluation of current processes and practices along with exact requirements that needed to be met in each department & region.

  • Migration from Intranet to Internet and deployment of the Mobile app - increased access to many workforces, including those outside the network. Emerged as an effective solution to remote working challenges.
  • The LMS helped with automated workflow for attendance blocking on non-completion of compliance and mandatory courses.
  • Implementation of Configuration and Training Group Facility - This allowed the auto addition of new users into training groups along with existing users, thus minimizing the manual effort involved.
  • Certification Management - Certificate pathways were made consistent across subsidiaries.
  • Custom Reports (BI engine) - Consolidation of all data from different subsidiaries/functions in a single space in the desired format was made available with the use of LMS.
  • LMS was integrated with the client’s active directory which allowed multifactor authentication for logging in. The sensitive content such as internal data, fund values, customer information, training manuals, etc. were encrypted.
  • Implementation of Best Score Logic – This helped maintain the last status and marks of each learning, along with the best score and its respective status in LMS. No matter what the last score, status, and percentage, reports would show the best score, status, or percentage at any given time.
  • LMS integration with the GMI portal to access external learning using a single sign-on feature. Data integration with the Siddhi app was also developed as one of the solutions.


The successful implementation of Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) LMS made an immediate impact on Axis bank, the system helped in managing all aspects of training needs for their workforces and users. They were able to achieve the vision of consolidated learning delivery across the organization via one system with consistent best practices, brand value, and service quality. The client achieved the following milestones in a short span of time:

  • Completion rates up from 60% to 90% - resulted in a reduction in the cost of non-compliance.
  • 95k users registered for LMS usage.
  • 38% of users from the Business Team rated the platform as very good
  • 60% higher LMS adoption rate since the implementation.
  • Consistent learning experience delivery across the organization via one system.
  • Ease of management of large training functions & elimination of manual effort.
  • Faster data analysis and easier decision-making.
  • The time duration from training to actual productivity reduced significantly for new hires.

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