Selection of Effective Corporate Learning Management Software in Manufacturing Industry
May 31, 2023
Social Learning Benefits using Learning Management Software
May 31, 2023
Selection of Effective Corporate Learning Management Software in Manufacturing Industry
May 31, 2023
Social Learning Benefits using Learning Management Software
May 31, 2023
Blog - 22 Mar 2023 | 6 Min

The Changing Facet Of Aviation Training - The Digital Innovation


Anubha Goel


With an exponentially increasing access to high-speed internet connections, technology has become a significant aspect for everyone’s lives. An efficient use of Learning Management System to train professionals in aviation sector is no exception. It is crucial for industry leaders to design courses that cater to the customized needs of every employee. Airline companies need to standardize training requirements to ensure the industry is safe, operational, employee-centric, cost-effective and sustainable. Keeping these factors in mind, the key role of trainers is to ensure these requirements are met to boost skills and knowledge of this ever-evolving industry.

The scope and popularity of digital learning has earned in aviation sector surpasses other industries. Projects based on artificial intelligence are treated as the beginnings of e-learning for airline industry. In addition, simulations for airspace and warfare projects for personnel were amongst the first innovations. In-depth research on these projects leads to the fact that aviation training can occur in a risk-free and organized environment. E-learning helps aviation professionals to meet their targets while mitigating training costs and increasing organizational efficiency.

Role of E-Learning for a Personalized Air Travel Experience

Undoubtedly, LMS is the core of diverse e-learning programs in the aviation sector. Most of the airline companies deploy digital learning platforms to train their personnel as well as engineers. With emerging industry challenges, airspace congestion is rising and cockpit technology is advancing. Consequently, airlines are radically changing their learning and development strategies to impart a complete training experience.

Few innovations that have changed the facet of aviation workplace training include the following:

  • The rising need for detailed and efficient verification of customer identity is met through latest learning technologies that enables strong document integrity for security purposes.
  • Passengers can contact travel agents using their personalized mobile devices without any hassle of going anywhere. They can book tickets via online apps and all they need is to arrive at the airport and check-in with ease.
  • Baggage deliveries can be handled by third parties by verifying e-ticket through a mobile device.

Aviation Training- Digitize & Reimagine Your Business

Today, aviation sector is at the cusp of technological advancement. It is facing emerging challenges by digitally empowered travelers from all over. The utilization of online LMS has imparted a great opportunity for airlines to redefine their roles and leverage the best use of technology. The world is connected globally and industry leaders are embracing e-learning to connect businesses and travelers.

Tailored traveler interaction

Today, travelers expect airlines to impart services that are aligned to their expectations and learning preferences. Only when their expectations are met, their experience is enhanced and they stay loyal to the airline.

Safety and maintenance

With changing global economy, maintenance and risk management operations will transform from a reactive to a predictive model. Aviation companies blend conventional approach with modern predictive model, where sensor data to mitigate failures and enhance aircraft efficiency.

Smart operations

Intelligent operations access real-time data and smart algorithms to optimize the overall training experience. Fuel consumption can be reduced to a certain level by initiating refueling process based on big data. A model is designed to calculate the total fuel consumption, fuel prices, impact on maintenance of gear, brakes and other machinery.

Aviation sector is reshaping its entire business strategy to lead as the eminent industry players in today’s digital economy. A successful digital transformation using LMS has reimagined training scope for airlines, thereby leading to improved business productivity, employee efficiency and travel engagement.

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