What the Best Learning Management System can do for better Employee Experience
April 4, 2023
Top 5 Learning Management System Features for 2022
April 4, 2023
What the Best Learning Management System can do for better Employee Experience
April 4, 2023
Top 5 Learning Management System Features for 2022
April 4, 2023
Blog - 22 Mar 2023 | 6 Min

Automation to deliver Effective Healthcare Compliance eLearning



Piyush Gupta



Healthcare industry is in the business of saving human lives and for that they have to meet industry standards and abide by regulations, avoiding the risk of getting heavily fined.

To ensure workforce safety and prevent loss of business, it is essential that the healthcare professionals are getting the compliance training that helps them follow the laws and regulations pertaining to your company’s procedures and operations.


Challenges of Compliance Training: The Need for Automation

With the pandemic L&D professionals leaned heavily towards eLearning to deliver compliance training because of its ability to create more engaging, interactive, and retentive learning experiences in the remote working set up.


However, managing compliance training for a remote and dynamic workforce, can be challenging. Keeping track of the compliance training can take a huge toll on your time and resources. While some of the training certifications require periodic renewal, some have multiple stages to it.


Regulatory compliance is also audited every now and then. This makes it essential for you to track healthcare compliance eLearning diligently and regularly. The auditors also require the organizations to conduct internal audits and record the results. So, you also need to maintain records for audit processes and trails.


Another challenge for the L&D professionals while delivering healthcare compliance eLearning is to ensure learning and understanding in workforces. Monitoring and analyzing learner engagement and performance is essential to measure the effectiveness of compliance training and ensure better learning and understanding.


How can Automation be Used in healthcare Compliance eLearning?

Here are four applications of automation that can be employed to ensure better management and delivery of compliance training and an Enterprise Learning Management System is the perfect platform.


Auto-Scheduling and Auto-Enrollment

With the help of automation, you can set up automatic scheduling and enrollment for compliance training programs. This can be really helpful for a workforce with a large number of workforces with new workforces getting hired all the time for different job roles.

Automatic Scheduling and Enrollment can be done for every workforce on the basis of their position and the number of programs they have to take.


Automated Notifications

With an LMS you can automatically send notifications about completion statuses, upcoming programs, deadlines, etc., to the workforces. This is especially helpful for recertification programs because you don’t have to go through the trouble of setting up the process manually after every expiry.


Auto-Tracking and Reporting

With regular tracking of your eLearning compliance programs, you won’t have to worry about keeping a track of compliance training for different segments of workforces. Also, automation through a learning platform allows you to maintain audit trail reports in the format required by the authorities which simplifies internal compliance audits.


Ensuring Learning and Understanding

A learning management system gives you the additional ability to capture the completion details of a course. This includes time taken on various pages and the issuance of a completion certificate to the attendee. It also allows you to offer intelligent assessments for every participant with the help of a proctored environment.


Compliance training can be really hard to manage without the power of automation in your quiver. With automation, you’ll be able to tackle every challenge associated with healthcare compliance eLearning.


At Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS), we have 20 years of experience and 100+ industry awards in learning technologies; and would love to hear your thoughts, queries, and suggestions. Write to us if you would like to know more about eLearning compliance training for your organization or talk to us today!

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