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LMS to the Rescue – Overcoming Challenges of Workforce Training and Learning Management for the Aviation Sector


Anubha Goel


Today, the Aviation industry is at the cusp of the digital era. Organizations and their employees are connecting like never before, thereby leaving a huge impact on the airline industry. A plethora of effective workforce training programs on employee safety, soft skills, ground handling, cabin crew and aircraft maintenance are provided to accomplish varied organizational goals. Technological advancement and evolution in aircraft technology has brought new training approaches. Online courses as per the pertinent learning needs are provided through modern Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to boost workforce engagement and knowledge retention.

The transformation from a traditional classroom instruction to modern e-learning experience helps to enhance the quality and efficiency of services from aircraft operations down to customer services. Two significant factors which help driving this shift include:

  • To boost the overall learning & development experience for the employees in different job roles such as maintenance, quality check, cabin crew, engineering and more.
  • To cater to the ever-changing compliances of the aviation industry to keep the employees updated.

Training Challenges & LMS Solutions for the Aviation Sector

In today’s digital era, the airline industry faces various challenges when it comes to meeting diverse learning needs. From training on regulatory compliances and safety measures to airplane operations, the industry ensures that learners gain competitive knowledge in an optimal way. Several training challenges faced by this industry and different LMS solutions offered, include:

Geographically spread audiences

  • Challenge- When employees work from diverse locations, they expect to undergo training on the go. It is not possible for them to attend classroom sessions within the enterprise and therefore seek for learning on the go.
  • Solution- An easy-to-access platform is utilized to upload online training courses as per diverse job roles, learning styles & preferences. With the availability of content nuggets across personalized mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, training can easily cater to the customized needs of all.

Regulatory compliances

  • Challenge-The airline industry is prone to regulatory changes in their compliances, which makes it necessary for the companies to update their workforce on the same through training. Also, it is significant to organize regular audits and create updated reports on changing compliances.
  • Solution- For successful operations, training is imparted to manage effective collaboration between airport authorities, equipment manufacturers and other staff members. Using the modern LMS, configurable templates are designed to deliver compliance and regulatory board training programs. This aids the employees to understand the industry regulations and take effective measures based on the same.

Attrition & Onboarding

  • Challenge- Whenever there is an attrition or a new hiring in an airline company, the challenge is to conduct automated employee onboarding programs to align with the diversified learning needs of all.
  • Solution- Using an LMS, automated learning is triggered during attrition or employee induction programs. This helps to familiarize new employees with the company’s policies and culture, thereby making them comfortable with anew workplace environment. Also, it helps to improve the overall employee engagement, workforce productivity and their retention levels.

Security training

  • Challenge- Training internal staff members is one of the crucial aspects of the industry. Employees working in and around the airport need to address security challenges and adopt effective measures. Also, employees aligned with the screening process need to be trained enough on how to use X-Ray and metal detector machines, security check procedures and more.
  • Solution- LMS chatbots are used to train the employees in a human-like manner. This helps the airport staff to get familiar with the existing infrastructure, resolve customer queries via bots and deliver optimum quality customer services.

The demand for seamless airline services and a robust infrastructure to address diverse learning needs is dynamically increasing. For the aviation sector, the use of an LMS has exponentially increased the effectiveness of learning compared to the traditional classroom approach. With ever-evolving training needs of the Aviation workforce, Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) provides customized LMS solutions aligned to the specific needs of all.

In addition, we have also carved a niche in offering innovative e-learning solutions for the healthcare, finance, retail, automobile and other sectors. For more details, write to

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