June 30, 2023
Axis Bank achieved 30% Increase in Training Completion Rate after LMS Implementation
June 28, 2023

Automation of Training Process & Performance Evaluation Tracking using the LMS


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Business Requirements 

Dr. Reddy was following the traditional methods of classroom learning to train and coach their workforce spread across geographies. A Manual approach was being used to complete new hire joining and onboarding formalities that included the creation of temp IDs, conducting an assessment on paper, and creation of permanent IDs. Due to the non-availability of a centralized system, it was getting difficult to keep a track of Medical Representatives’ performance and maintain records for any future reference. Hence, the manual effort involved in these onboarding activities was time-consuming and impact business goals.

When they approached Tenneo to find a digital learning solution, the requirements were very specific in terms of a robust system to manage onboarding activities, meet end-to-end training needs, & manage internal job role changes for permanent employees. Their requirements included -

  • A centralized system to handle new hires’ onboarding journey – the creation of temp IDs, updating eligible candidates’ status to permanent employment.
  • A learning platform that caters to employees’ end-to-end training & assessment requirements including reports & dashboards.

  • The functionality to manage internal job role changes, and present MR’s performance data to managers that enable them with decision-making during MR’s promotion.

  • A Mobile-based platform that included a questionnaire to keep a track of MRs-Doctors interactions or other connects with various departments.


Major Challenges Faced

Dr. Reddy’s management team needed to take care of their employee’s product knowledge and skill enhancements. There were multiple challenges as the organization’s ongoing training practices were handled manually and needed to be addressed, the challenges were as follows:

  • Manual creation of new hires’ temporary and permanent IDs. This activity was time-consuming and led to an overall delay in completing the joining formalities.

  • No mechanism available to maintain MRs-Doctors feedback in the system, this was kept as manual notes and later updating them daily on a web application. This involved double effort as the entries had to be completed twice.

  • Paper assessments were conducted for new hires evaluation. No automated way of keeping a track of training completion/pending status.

  • Difficulty in keeping a track of MR’s day-to-day actions/tasks. Managers were unable to gather data at the time of performance reviews.

  • High chance of information being missed to be updated in the system, thus impacting business growth and other regulations.

  • Unable to meet the compliance requirements on timely basis.


The Projects team build a learning platform known as “eNable”, a system with SAP integration. The LMS enhanced the adoption and discoverability at the learner’s level to make the learning experience more exciting, enriching, and self-driven.

  • The LMS is implemented with the Single Sign-On option provided in the LMS web application. There are two interfaces–the ‘Learner’ & the Administrator/Manager’ interface.

  • User Management functionality – managing user attributes, handling archived users, deleted users, logged-in users, managing job roles, & managing training groups.

  • Announcements & Notifications - users can view all the public announcements made by the Administrator. The user receives various notifications on multiple events or actions performed in the system.

  • The users can keep a track of training via Training Calendar – which shows all the learnings (Courses/ Programs/ Classroom Training) in a monthly view by default. Users have the option to change the view, either ‘Week view’ or ‘Day view’.

  • The ‘Collaborate’ module includes all the core sub-modules of the interface where users can engage on publicly share collaboration items. The sub-modules of collaboration include - Conversation & Survey.

  • Video Library - whenever clicked on the ‘Video Library’ link, the page gets refreshed and shows the following details: Favorites, history, and top 5 channels.

  • “Organization Structure” is used to define data sets to reside under different categories and used for defining user Privileges, Learnings, and Reporting. Features like Courses, Programs, E-Learning, and Reporting rights are defined based on the Organization Structure to which a user role is mapped.

  • The LMS functionality included Skill Map & Lead Map features. The Skill Map (mainly used for MRs evaluation) feature enables reporting manager (L1/L2) or Training Coordinator to provide ratings to the employees on different parameters. LMS also handled the Lead Map feature where the users who are AM or RM are being assigned Lead Map & their L1, L2 or Training Coordinator will fill the Lead Map for their team.

  • Gamification mode - for the users to learn in a competitive environment. Users can view the Leaderboard to see their rank among their peers & view badges, coins, or points earned.

  • Certificate management – users are awarded a certificate once a training program is completed. Reporting & Dashboards - these are standard reports & dashboards which can be easily accessed by managers or LMS administrators.

  • Help & Support” section – This comprises FAQs, Contact Us, and a Help Manual with all details configurable by the administrator.

  • The LMS mobile version is available on both Android and iOS platforms. To log in, users must have the access code, username, and password.


The successful implementation of Tenneo LMS made an immediate impact on Axis bank, the system helped in managing all aspects of training needs for their employees and users. They were able to achieve the vision of consolidated learning delivery across the organization via one system with consistent best practices, brand value, and service quality. The client achieved the following milestones in a short span of time:

  • Completion rates up from 60% to 90% - resulted in a reduction in the cost of non-compliance.
  • 95k users registered for LMS usage.

  • 38% of users from the Business Team rated the platform as very good.

  • 60% higher LMS adoption rate since the implementation.

  • Consistent learning experience delivery across the organization via one system.

  • Ease of management of large training functions & elimination of manual effort.

  • Faster data analysis and easier decision-making. 

  • The time duration from training to actual productivity reduced significantly for new hires.

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