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108% Increase in Overall Sales Productivity Achieved by SBI Card using Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS)'s BFSI LMS


SBI Card & Payment Services Ltd. is a payment solutions provider in India. It was launched in Oct 1998 by the State Bank of India (India's largest bank) and GE Capital.

  • Sbi Card Branches Are Spread Across 100 Cities In India.
  • 12 Million Cards Issued In 2021.
  • Recorded A Net Profit Of ₹345 Crore Till The Second Quarter On Fy21-22.





Business Objective

For SBI Card, managing training for extended workforce was one of the biggest challenges. With most of their salesforce being hired through third party vendors, they were unable to get an exact count of people to be trained and thus, various costs associated with these trainings could not be calculated. The unavailability of a learning management system added even more obstacles in their way to train the huge workforce that needed regular trainings to meet day-to-day business requirements. When they approached Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS) to find a technology-based learning solution, they had specific needs.

  • A digital learning platform which is mobile-supported, interactive as well as personalized to meet individual learning needs.
  • Ability to complete training modules on-the-go and content availability in various languages for better learning experience.
  • Real time data of new hires to calculate training and logistical costs such as recruitment, background verification costs etc.
  • Enforce strict adherence to New Hire Orientation (NHO) guidelines set by the Reserve Bank of India.
Major Challenges Faced
  • Unable to meet RBI regulations of completing induction before workforces started customer interaction due to remote locations.
  • Courses were not supported on mobile devices, making it difficult for remote sales team to access training on-the-go.
  • Training a wide spectrum of sales workforces spread across remote locations with diverse & continuous learning needs.
  • Salary processing became a challenge as joining process was not automated and manipulation of attendance data lead to legal challenges.
  • Tracking and forecasting sales productivity was dififcult as actual number of sales persons on field were difficult to ascertain.


Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS)’s mobile-first learning management system (LMS) app was deployed for SBI Card, rebranded as ‘mGurukul’ to meet all the requirements shared by the client. The LMS helped them with a multitude of issues ranging from compliance management to productivity.

  • The ‘mGurukul’ app served the centralized platform for all remote sales workforces who could stay connected and receive instant updates from SBI Card across geographies.
  • LMS helped with collecting real time data - the number of new hires joined & who can start with the training.
  • The app helped SBI Card adhere to RBI’s NHO guidelines as with mGurukul, the new hires training started immediately without having to wait for trainer’s physical presence and logistical requirements.
  • Mobile-enabled courses helped improve collaboration and created impactful learning experiences for sales team to go-live quickly in interacting with their customers.
  • Integration of ‘mGurukul’ app with the internal HRMS portal provided real-time bi-lateral data flow from HRMS to mobile App and backwards. The data sync with LMS at regular intervals helped in managing workforce data.
  • LMS assigned trainings as per the user profiles created and their job roles. The sales trainings were completed at a faster rate and workforces were able to serve their respective customers at the earliest.
  • Use of LMS ensured that training courses were localized as per users’ language preferences, thereby making the workforces ready to perform their duties at a quicker rate and increasing learning uptake.


With mGurukul app and Tenneo (formerly G-Cube LMS)’s continued support, SBI Card achieved tremendous positive impact. The training delivery to the extensively dispersed sales workforce became seamless and faster. Withing a short time, the number of mobile app downloads reached 100,000+ with the following overall impact since the launch:

  • 120% increase in sales by new joiners as the whole process of hiring & training has become more efficient.
  • 3000-4000 workforces getting trained per week on the LMS consistently despite the huge number.
  • 108% increase in overall sales productivity from 96% before the pandemic.
  • 9 days reduction in induction days for customer service team, going down to 21 days from existing 30 days.
  • 25000 workforces per day used the App which provided as a scalable solution.
  • RBI guidelines were followed, as now training started immediately without trainer’s physical presence and logistical requirements.
  • SBI Card sales force could access courses on their personalized tablets and smartphones as per their convenience.
  • The LMS improved the geographic reach with an ability to boost knowledge retention and business sales.

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